A Local Adventure: Long Bien Bridge and the Middle Warp


One of the last places I went was The Middle Warp, the island under Long Bien Bridge, which connects Hanoi to the other bank of the Red River. I had never gotten around to exploring it–despite the fact that there are nude beaches on Sundays–because it was so close that it was easy to put off. It took no more preparation to go than to pack my umbrella and camera in a bag.

Like any other space in Hanoi, the bridge multitasks as market space and commuter space.

Long Bien Bridge is supposed to have been designed by Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Saigon Post Office, in 1903.

People live and work on the island and around it. Several fishermen were out that day and, on the Hanoi side of the river was a duck farm.

While we were exploring, my friend and I stumbled across a gravesite and shrine at which a man was praying. He chatted with us in Vietnamese but we couldn’t understand enough to learn the history of the gravesite.

The middle of Long Bien Bridge is a railroad track. The bridge eventually connects Hanoi to Haiphong’s port. On the island, there are rice paddies and banana plantations. I thin the farmers live on either side of the river. This photograph is my friend Sarah.


3 thoughts on “A Local Adventure: Long Bien Bridge and the Middle Warp

  1. Your welcome and I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed it. I was very fortunate to have a year to explore Hanoi and travel a lot within Vietnam. I’ve loved sharing the adventure.

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