Photo of the Week: Americana edition

Yep, y’all guessed it. They are a collection of cow-shaped salt and pepper shakers on view for sale at the coolest thrift store ever, Picker’s Paradise in Columbus, Indiana. I’ve been struggling to figure out how to photograph this town; it’s all buildings and I don’t know how to take pictures of monuments (I can learn). So today, while running errands with my mama, I just shot the details, which I just like best.

The American Midwest never gets old. It may not have the sweet, old fashioned manners of the South, the trendy fashion of Brooklyn or the glamour of the West, but it sure has a sense of humour. While I’m still tripping on reverse culture shock, which causes me to stick my hand out to stop traffic; wonder why children aren’t running up to me smiling and shouting, “Hello, white lady;” be confused about which coin is which; and notice that everyone here seems really tall and blond.

Last summer, my parents moved to Columbus, Indiana. My childhood memory of Indiana involved the movie Breaking Away and many hours spent in a red-and-white-curtained pizza joint next to the highway while we waited for a tire repair. I’m living with them for the next six months. Living at home is an adjustment in itself after six years of living with roommate, boyfriends and alone. Hopefully, it will only last until January or February, when I’ll either start a Master’s in Education or fly off to South Korea. But since it is a new part of the country, I’ll just pretend it’s a new country altogether. I’ll adopt the kind Indiana “y’all” and the way people look you in the eye, beam and greet you with and warm, “How y’all doin’ today?” Minnesota Nice turned out to be Minnesota Passive Aggressive. Indiana might actually be nice.

I know I’ve promised more photos from Vietnam. You’ll get them but blogging helped me frame a lot of my experiences while in Vietnam so I think it will help me adjust back to the USA.


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