Floating Markets on the Mekong Delta

This photograph may be my favorite one from the Delta; I didn’t notice the cell phone until after I took it.

Boats, instead of motorbikes, give the Delta an easier going pace than Vietnam’s cities.  I’ve heard, however, that early in the morning, before 7:00 am, the markets are much, much busier, so maybe the waterways jam as easily as the roads.

Each boat sells a different type of produce, such as pineapple, morning glory or pumpkin, much the way the shops in the cities sell only a select number of goods.

This woman makes her living rowing between the larger boats to sell fruit, vegetables and possible collecting recycling.  If you look on the pole on the boat in front of her, you’ll see a pumpkin.  It signifies that the boat sells pumpkins.

Remember that adorable girl peeking out of the boat?  Here she is again, oddly wearing University of Michigan clothes.

Is there as much pushing and shoving at the waterway petrol station as there is at the land-based one?


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