Photo(s) of the Week: The cupcake craze goes east

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the motorbikes are hydroplaning.  If I had an oven, I’d be baking cupcakes.  Since most Vietnamese homes don’t have ovens, I’ll reminisce about a fabulous chocolate cupcake–the first one in a year–that I ate in Ho Chi Minh City a few weeks ago.

I ate exclusively Vietnamese food for the first two months I was here.  Sometimes, one needs to indulge in the familiar.  Cupcakes, cute and girly as desserts get, remind me of my college roommate Rachel who used to bake at 3 AM and now works in a Brooklyn cupcake shop where she combines flavors like bacon, avocado and chocolate into cupcakes.

Ah, the taste of nostalgia.

If you’re in Saigon and need a break from Vietnam (hey, it happens), this cafe is worth checking out.  It’s called L’Usine, which means Factory in French, and it sells cool but overpriced clothes, dishes and other crap that rich people like.  It also sells pretty cupcakes.


151/1 Dong Khoi

District 1

Ho Chi Minh City


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