Plane Food: Air Mekong Edition

I was in Saigon and the Mekong Delta over the weekend, which included public holidays to celebrate Reunification Day (30 April 1975, fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese forces) and International Labor Day (1 May, every year).  I was flying Air Mekong, which shuttles between Hanoi and Saigon and back, and which feeds its passengers even though the flight lasts only two hours.  Having forgotten to charge my kindle, a new hobby–airplane food photography–was born.  Without further ado, some of the least delicious meals you’ll ever eat.

Hanoi to Saigon:  Shrimp with noodles and vegetables, served with water and Ba Vi yogurt.  The packet between the cup and the pasta is chili sauce.  I only ate the yogurt.  There was no way I was eating seafood in midair, though no one else on the plane seemed to get food poisoning.

Saigon to Hanoi:  Air Mekong doesn’t fly directly from Saigon to Hanoi.  There is a brief twenty minute layover in Pleiku, somewhere in Central Vietnam, after only about forty minutes of flying.  The short length of this flight doesn’t stop the airline from passing out cake (lemon, and I make one much better) and water.

Pleiku to Hanoi:  During the twenty minute layover in Pleiku, they serve cardboard-stiff white bread, friend eggs, overcooked bok choy and watermelon.


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