Photo Essay: Children at Play

I hope this isn’t some kind of maternal instinct kicking in but as I was looking back at photos I took in Sapa in November, these pictures of children playing were my favorites.

Everyone loves to watch kids play; since I worked at an elementary school in 2009-2010, I’ve come to really enjoy watching them.  Play is their best teacher.  Kids are naturally curious and most are kinesthetic in their learning styles.  As we took a break from our 20 kilometer trek in Sapa, my housemate and I watched that child watch her father work.  We could just see the wheels turning in her head as she figured out how they were carving the dish.

Thailand may call itself the “land of the smile” but everyone in Vietnam smiles beautifully.  They start young.

Playing with a spare motorbike wheel is always more fun when you’re not wearing pants!  We noticed that a lot of children, around age six and under, did not wear pants.  It remains a mystery but it seemed likely that they had not been potty-trained so were left to run around the farms half-naked.

Everyone has to have a big rock to climb on.  I fondly remember my younger sister begging my mother to relocate a huge boulder we had found while hiking somewhere in Upstate New York.

I can empathize: my sisters and I were strongly encouraged to entertain ourselves.

*I’ve never posted about Sapa but I will soon; I’m constantly asked about it–is it worth going? Should we book a tour? Can I just waltz up to the Hanoi train station and leave?  Look for that post in a couple of weeks.


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