Photo Essay: Hoi An, lantern city

In addition to being known for fabulous food, tailors, shoemakers, architecture and history, Hoi An is famous for traditional paper lanters like the ones below.

Hoi An’s night market is illuminated by shops selling lanterns traditionally made with wood frames, covered in paper or fabric.

Lanterns, including one shaped like a giant pink lotus, sitting on the floor of a temple.

Back at Hoi An’s night market.

Floating lanterns on the river through Hoi An.  You can buy them from women selling baskets of them along the bridge.  They use a long, wooden pole to set them gently on the water, instead of letting them freefall and be doused out.  I don’t know i the waste is cleaned out of the river or just continues to float along until it pollutes the ocean.


4 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Hoi An, lantern city

  1. Oh, I loved Hoi An. Such a photogenic place for sure. I got one good shot of some colorful paper lanterns. Wish I had bought some to bring home, but there was no way they’d fit in my backpack after I had all that clothing made at the tailor shops 😉

    • Same same about the lanterns. Hoi An was beautiful, though not the quiet town I’d imagined because winter is a busy tourist time in Vietnam (dry season). I would like to go back when it isn’t peak season so it might be a bit quieter. I’ll post some tailor photos soon but the blog’s on hold since I’m in Cambodia for Tet right now. I’m very happy with my Hoi An clothes, although I’m lucky enough to be able to go to tailors in Hanoi, too.

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