Photo Essay: Hoi An’s open market

Really, do we need more pictures of an open market, you ask.  Well, I did just get a new camera that is so much fun to play with so…yes, ja, oui, vang.  Besides, Hoi An had one of the best markets I’ve been to in Vietnam.

One of Hoi An’s culinary delights are its Cao lầu noodles, the yellowish ones to the left.  I had them in a soup with vegetables and pork and they were one of the best noodle dishes I’ve eaten in Vietnam.

You never knew eggs could be so damn gorgeous, did you?

Or stingrays for that matter.

Markets are most exciting for their amalgamation of goods: the beef and vegetable vendor sits outside the shop selling floated bamboo carvings.


3 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Hoi An’s open market

  1. Wonderful photos, I love the vibrant colours. It makes shopping in a western supermarket look pedestrian and boring in comparison.

    • The markets here are so alive! Really, I think you could travel and just explore markets in different countries. We learn so much from a country’s dining habits, though that’s a topic for another post. Several posts, actually.

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