Photo of the Week: Chicken Street

My favorite place to eat in Hanoi is Ly Van Phuc, a street near the Temple of Literature and conveniently close to Bar Betta.  The street is nothing special, just a short lane twisting off of Kim Ma, but lining the sidewalks are restaurants selling nothing but barbecued chicken, grilled honey bread and sweet potatoes.  It’s the only place in Hanoi where you can eat decent chicken; all the others are scrawny, tough and tendon-y.  Aside from good food, it’s a cacophony of commotion.  Shouts of “Chi oi!!! Em oi!!!” echo across the street as customers shout for service.  The chicken, cooked on skewers, is delivered to you by one woman and another follows close behind to cut it off the skewers using kitchen scissors.  Although I’ve been told that the first restaurant on the right is the best, I insist on going to the last one on the left.  It’s the biggest, loudest and provides the best people watching opportunities.


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