Hanoi, Home

I’ve been here for five and a half months now.  That’s almost six.  Almost half a year.  And it has become home faster than any place I’ve lived before did, perhaps because I am not expected to fit a mold.  Expats are known to be eccentric and when all of your friends and co-workers come from somewhere else, it’s impossible to have expectations for anyone.  A co-worker emailed this video to me this morning.  It’s a timelapse glimpse of Hanoi from sunrise over West Lake to rush hour along Xa Dan and night traffic from a terrace overlooking the Old Quarter.  It renders beautiful a city that can be difficult to love and I know I’ll be watching it whenever I’m blaming Hanoi for my woes.


6 thoughts on “Hanoi, Home

  1. Cảm ơn bạn! Những bài viết giúp tôi nhớ về Hà Nội, thành phố tuổi thơ của tôi nhiều hơn ;D

      • Bạn và em là 2 ngôi khác nhau! lols Mình có một số nguồn học tiếng việt có thể forward cho bạn được nhưng mà ngôn ngữ nào cũng phải luyện tập nhiều. Tốt nhất là cứ nói chuyện nhiều với người bản xứ!

  2. Well done, you can even make joke in Vietnamese!! I think you’re good enough to survive here though I’m curious how long it could have taken you to write those lines. Very impressive! You probably should start counting the days until when you can write your blog in Vietnamese! The ultimate goal is seemingly hard to achieve because normally it’s gotta be the other way around. You should know the local language first before getting a V-boy but in this age nothing is impossible. I could probably help you brush up your Vietnamese during my 2 week in Hanoi. PM me if you want the materials or tips 090.345.0362

    Gluck!! I love Vietnam too 😀

    • Writing that didn’t actually take that long. I had to look up some words but knew most of them, though I can’t type in Vietnamese on my keyboard so I have to Google translate everything anyway. I do take language lessons but it’s a slow process because I teach English all day and speak English or French with friends and housemates. I think I’ll try to find a language exchange person to meet with once a week or so after Tet.

      Thanks for your comments!

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