Trick and Treat: Halloween on Hang Ma

Halloween celebrates the bizarre and Halloween in Hanoi is bizarre in itself.  Only in Vietnam would a person decide to dress as make her own dragon fruit costume and stay out so late that it is already 4:00 am when she realizes that she will not in fact be sober by the time she must teach twenty eight-year-olds at 7:45 the next morning. Where else would a party be busted by the police at mere midnight, when the ghosts have barely awoken?  More importantly, where else would one see a woman gutting a fish just outside the shop selling masks and spiders?  Hanoi tricks and treats us on a daily basis.  Hang Ma, a street in the Old Quarter that specializes in selling decorations, stuffed animals, baskets and school supplies is a visual treat, especially at Halloween.  (The trick, of course, is that the internet cuts out frequently).


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