Ho Chi Minh meets Roy Lichtenstein





I have a sneaking suspicion that Vietnam is a country of paradox–traditional cuisine like pho and KFC, conical hats and colonial-style pith helmets and vendors selling Roy Lichtenstein prints alongside photographs of Ho Chi Minh.


2 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh meets Roy Lichtenstein

  1. Hey lovely traveling sister of mine,

    I don’t know what it is about your posts, but my eyes welled up with tears while I was reading. It must be a combination of excitement and a little twinge of jealousy. Or maybe it’s the fact that we so often have to adventure alone these days. I hope your first day went well – keep me up to date using our Facebook convo. I love the pictures!


  2. Mary, we’ve never traveled in a foreign country together, unless you count Canada but I don’t. So, as soon as your school year is done, you ought to hop on a plane to Hanoi and visit me. Being the moped fiend that you are, you’ll fit right in. Also, there’s plenty of gluten free food so you’ll be able to eat just fine. XOXO

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